The capital of the Republic is a beautiful megalopolis Tashkent. Its area consists of 334,8 sq.km. It is located in the northeast part of the republic in the valley of a Chirchik river, at 440-480 meters above-sea level. The spurs of Tien Shan are placed towards the northeast from Tashkent. More than 2,9 million people of different nationalities live in Tashkent.

This marvelous city exists already for more than 2200 years. During this period it passed a way from ancient settlement to a big city of Central Asia. The city was a victim of many memorable events and trials, faced with lifts and declines.

In the city it is possible to get acquainted with magnificent architectural historical monuments such as: thуmausoleums of Shayhontohur (XV century) and Kaffal Shashi, madrassah of Barak-Khan and Kukaldosh (all refer to XVI century). It is possible to get acquainted with history and culture of Uzbekistan in 22 museums, for example, in the museum of History of people of Uzbekistan or the museum of Applied art of Uzbekistan.

The Tashkent television tower attracts attention of tourists which is the tallest structure in the Central Asia, it is 375 meters high. Also, it is occupies 11th place among the world`s television towers  according to height criteria.

There is a moderate-continental climate in Tashkent. Frosts are usually short, however sometimes the temperature clearings falls a minus 20 °C and even lower. Summer is roast, at times reaches 35-40 °C in a shade.

In the capital of Uzbekistan there are set of café and restaurants where it is possible to enjoy national, European, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and other cuisines. Restaurants and café of Tashkent will not only please visitors with tasty meal, but also will admire with stylish interiors, musical programs and good service.

Tashkent is an embodiment of that modern elegance which is peculiar to many capitals of the world. As Tashkent is as an east city it possesses the unsurpassed color. The city harmoniously combines the medieval constructions with the European architecture.