Bukhara is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. You will be fascinated with its architectural masterpieces that have been created during its long history.

Bukhara has many names. The word “Bukhara” harmonically sounds with Sanskrit word “vikhara”, meaning “monastery” and Chinese word “bikhar” – is the place of idols. Scientists are still arguing about the origin of the name of the city. It is said that the founder of Bukhara was the son of Iranian King – Suyavush. He married to Afrosiab king`s daughter and built the Ark Fortress. You can walk in the streets of Bukhara endlessly, admiring incredible beauty. Each alleyway has its own centuries-old history. Thereby City of Museums attracts artists and producers from all over the world. This city has become a muse for majority of creative personalities.

The Silk Road was passing Bukhara, and about 60 caravansaries for merchants and foreigners were located on the borders of the city. After expansion of Islam people started construction of mosques and madrassahs which now are attracting people with beauty and grace.

While travelling to Bukhara, you can find dozens of architectural monuments. All monuments are woven into a single architectural composition. It is headed by Kalyan Minaret that is standing in the center of city for more than 800 years. Walking up the stairs you can see the whole city in full view.

Bukhara is also the city of legends, which are stored in a monuments, zigzag streets and centuries-old stone masonry. People from Bukhara are always reputed to be enlightened people who respected science. Many scientists, poets and philosophers such as Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Rudaki, Narshahi, Imam Bukhari and others lived in City of Bukhara. They left a priceless treasure to the world after the death.

Bukhara attracts tourists from all over the world. Those that once has dissolved in the architectural tale, for sure will come back to this treasury of cultural heritage.