Welcome to majestic Samarkand – one of the oldest cities of the world, that is 2750 years old. The picturesque valley of Zerafshan river is the magnificent location of this splendid city, surrounded by Pamir-Alay Mountains. Samarkand is inhabited by 500 000 people and more than hundred nationalities among them. It is the second city in Uzbekistan according to its population and square.

Active architectural construction began blossoming here dating by the last quarter of the 14-th century. That time exactly mausoleums for Temur and his family, for his commanders and magnates were erected in the city.     

Samarkand is the only city in Central Asia that faced multiple stormy battles and revolutions. The shining wealth and majesty of Tamerlane`s capital charmed and mystified insatiable eyes of feudal conquerors.

Alexander Makedonsky, Chingiz Khan and Amir Temur, who made Samarkand the capital of his Empire, included their glorious name to the history of this world famous city. Samarkand had become scientific and cultural center of the Middle East during the reign of Temur`s grandson Ulugbek.

At the beginning of the 16-th century Samarkand for some time had been under the power of Fergana governor Zahiriddin Bobur. Having been a qualified tradesman he remarked that the trade in Samarkand is supposed to be led in special stalls and workshops, so handicrafts and trade itself are never get together with the sale by retail. Wonderful bakeries and canteens are also placed in Samarkand. Due to the words of Bobur the best paper and velvet were also produced here, and of course Samadkand fruits fascinated Bobur mostly.

Archeological and historical monuments of the past harmoniously combined with its modern constructions. These memorials are not only of educational value, but enrich modern Samarkand. To describe the majesty of Samarkand majority of various epithets were created by poets and philosophers of the past. It was called “The Pearl of the East”, “The orchard of the Soul”, “The Image of the Earth”.

If you see this gorgeous city in reality you can surely enjoy its splendor and dignity, everyone is overfilled with motions, images and bright epithets.

Trade routes to the West of Persia, to the East of China and to the South of India reunited in Samarkand and made crossroads of the Great Silk Road. The city on the route of the Great Silk Road overcame periods of blossom and decadence, it was destroyed by cruel conquerors and rose again, getting more beautiful.